Yet another blog on multi-cloud adoption.

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Industry researches suggests that more than 80% of enterprises who have ventured in to cloud adoption has eventually leveraged more than one public cloud providers. Whilst this would have grown from an organisational vision or be the result of a natural evolution (due to business needs or technical constrains with using services of only one cloud provider) it certainly has resulted in a set of added complexities for IT organisations. What is evident is that, future IT eco-systems are going to be multi-cloud hosted. Hence a proper strategy, rather than looking at it merely as diversification of CSPs, is key […]

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A google search of the term hyper convergence will bring you about 2 million results. There are thousands of tweets around hashtags.Industry witnessed a number of startups focused only on hyperverged systems.  In just about 3-5 years industry witnessed a number of start up OEMs growing exponentially to billion dollar enterprises . All the major hardware OEMs are selling at least one hyperconvrged product in the market. Clearly hyperconvrgence appears to be the future of data center hosting technologies.  And of course!!So much has been spoken, written, blogged and tweeted about hyperconvergence already. So I promise not to repeat and reinvent the wheel. I shall instead be focusing on the technology adoption aspects. However, […]